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is the oldest holistic healing system documented in writing, which uses natural ingredients like herbs and medicinal oils. Recent research has shown that it has healing powers that also promote continued good health. Ayurveda focuses on the balance of body, mind and spirit in order to eliminate the underlying causes of illnesses and to restore the equilibrium of three subtle bio-energies called doshas, which are Vata (nerve energy), Pitta (digestive energy) and Kapha (nutritional energy).

Ayurvedic massages help to improve the flow of energy, flush out toxins that put a strain on us both physically and mentally, and helps to release tension and blockages caused by stress. It enhances the functions of the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, thus boosting the immune system.

The Ayurveda treatment rooms are in the main house of OaseWeil located in the middle of nature, nestled between woods and meadows on the edge of the Schönbuch Nature Park.

Come and enjoy a relaxing and health-promoting massage with our competent and experienced Ayurveda therapists.


Abhyanga is a full body massage with warm, black sesame oil, it deeply calms the entire nervous system, relaxes the whole body, making it softer and more flexible.With Abhyanga, herbal oil penetrates the pores of the skin with long strokes and circular movements. It stimulates the Marma Points (energy points), removes blockages by increasing the flow of energy and removes stored toxins. Repeated Abhyanga treatments have a cumulative beneficial effect and result in a feeling of lightness.

60 minutes / 85 Euro


This intensive and effective back massage includes a special Marma Point (energy point) treatment. Tension and blockages caused by stress are gently released using selected herbal oils. Your back will feel light and strengthened. Fine strokes and special tapping creates a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of absolute well-being.

30 minutes / 50 €


Pada means foot, and the feet are massaged with warm herbal oil to stimulate blood circulation and to improve the lymphatic flow. An Ayurvedic saying goes that anyone who massages his/her feet every day will never fall ill. During Padaabyanga, special attention is paid to the energy points of the feet and lower legs to balance the energies of the body. Padaabhyanga also improves the quality of sleep.

30 minutes / 55 €


During the Ayurvedic head massage – warm herbal oil is applied to the head and massaged into the scalp. Both relaxing and invigorating, this treatment can help relieve tension and improve sleep. This massage nourishes both hair and scalp and induces a state of calmness.

30 minutes / 50 €

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