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Together we can make a difference!

Every year, employees of Makro-Medien-Dienst (a cross-media-publishing agency) organize a charity run. This annual run is organized to raise awareness for local charities through social media, print ads, banners and on airport flight Information monitors. Funds to donate to the benefiting charity are generated through runners, their guests, spectators and sponsors. Over the past 8 years, we have donated over 80, 000 Euros to charities and have raised awareness about child abuse, terminally ill children, street children, integration of children with special needs, abandoned babies and underprivileged children.This year we are helping children with cancer and their families. The Charity run is always held at OaseWeil in Weil im Schönbuch which lies on the borders of the Natural Park Schönbuch. This location, away from the city is an excellent location to spend a day out with the family. Come and join us to enjoy an evening of good music, food and drinks knowing that you will be helping to make a difference in these children’s lives.


“One World Family” – an initiative of the employees of MAKRO-MEDIEN-DIENST – is a platform for new, creative ideas and concepts for a better world in peace and in harmony with wonderful diversity, free from racial, cultural and religious barriers, free from violence, hunger and discrimination. A world, where all “family members” take responsibility for the welfare of their fellowmen and all creation within their means and possibilities. A world where we have learnt to come from confrontation to cooperation with peaceful, constructive and creative relationships. Hans-Martin Schempp CEO MAKRO-MEDIEN-DIENST GmbH and Initiator ONE WORLD FAMILY


Soziale Projekte OWF

Hansa Niwas


Orphanages for at least 300 boys and girls.

The HANSA NIWAS FOUNDATION is building homes for these children in Trichy. They will accommodate at least 300 children – girls and boys. A home which is not just a roof above their heads, but which provides also the feeling of being recognised and loved, a feeling which is vital for every human being. The children should have the experience of being embedded in a big family providing warmth and happiness – and learn to enjoy life again.

There also will be a school offering education for the orphans and up to 700 children from the cast of the untouchables. Only by means of education a break through the vicious circle of poverty and lack of opportunities is possible. The emphasis will be in the fostering of all creative skills and the children will be supported in developing their own talents. At the same time, they will learn to take on responsibility for themselves and others.

Namaste Children House

Since 2005 we have supported the then in distress Namaste Children House in Pokhara, Nepal, with now 70 orphans. MMD provides necessary financial assistance and provides sponsorships.